Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable


Hey everyone! Before I begin, I cannot thank all my family and friends enough for supporting my writings and my art thus far. I used to write for myself, but now I often find myself writing for you all. Pouring my experiences into poetry (and now blogs) does indeed put me in a very vulnerable position, but I hope with all my being that it remotely touches at least one soul in a way that some of my favorite authors, and even friends, have done for me.

Today, 8/13/18, a good friend and I engaged in a conversation on several different controversial topics. Although we HIGHLY disagreed on nearly everything, I really enjoyed being able to speak about things that mattered to me to that extent and I got a huge hit to begin transitioning from writing strictly poetry, to writing blogs. As an SEC softball player, I feel like I should be using my platform to reach out to as many people as possible, whether it be to educate or to heal. That being said, I see so many negative things happening in this world today, and even personally I’ve had a lot of things go wrong for me. The topics I will be blogging about are things that are incredibly important to me or are experiences that I’ve been through that ultimately molded me into the person I am right now. I understand this is a vast category of things that I could be covering and I have decided to keep you all wondering on what these things might be. I want everything to be unexpected, to be a surprise. Because that’s what life is. There is never a way to truly prepare for anything in this life because there’s never a way of predicting what is meant to happen for you. We can guess and we can assume, and maybe sometimes we’re right. But it’s sort of like hinting at wanting that one super awesome toy for Christmas and then not getting it in the end. Maybe it wasn’t affordable. Maybe it was out of stock. Maybe it’ll be the last gift you unwrap and maybe you didn’t get it at all. So now you get the point, these things will be a surprise. Maybe you’re gonna come across a blog that was meant for you at that exact time. That’s also a goal of mine with these things. Lastly, it is well known among those who know me that I’m real good at making things uncomfortable. Whether it’s the way I dress, the things I talk about, the things I’m interested in. E v e r y t h i n g. Guess why? Life is uncomfortable.

So this is the tea for today yall. Get ready for surprises. Get ready to be uncomfortable. Cause if it’s not me making you feel this way then I promise it’s going to be something or someone else that does.

So much love to everyone taking the time to invest in this,


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