An Open Letter to Mississippi State Football


I think for a long time, most people wander from place to place and often think, “What am I placed on this Earth to do?” And, as imperfect humans, sometimes we wait our whole lives to find that moment where we know without a shadow of doubt that “this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.” In our darkest moments we doubt it more than ever; but this isn’t about those moments.

This is about the moment an entire football family played for something far bigger than anything imagined before. This is about the moment Kylin Hill ran the “No One Fights Alone” flag proudly across the field in a stadium full of captivated eyes. This is about the moment thousands of “No One Fights Alone” signs were held up high all across Davis Wade Stadium. This is about the moment the world, or at least what felt like the whole world, finally stopped to create an environment so full with love and support for each other and for our Guardian Angel that only God himself could have possibly created it. I’m not even sure where to begin when expressing my gratitude.

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To Mississippi State Football,

Your act of selflessness of using an already electrifying stage to honor our girl, Alex Wilcox, and creating something so indescribable, will remain in our hearts forever. As if being under the Davis Wade lights on any given Saturday night wasn’t already the greatest of experiences, sharing the spotlight with Alex last night has moved mountains for ovarian cancer awareness and allowed for THAT moment. The moment where an entire family, including people from all races and religions, could unite and feel every emotion known to mankind and support each other right through it. The moment where everyone became apart of something much bigger and much better than any second of aching pain and remarkable happiness we’ve ever felt. The moment our heavy hearts were lifted with faith, love, and family. I’ve never felt a love so strong. I say all the time that Alex was the “once in a lifetime” type of person; and what y’all created last night was a “once in a lifetime” experience. For whatever reason, God handpicked our sweet girl to leave a legacy at THIS University and because of you all, it will reach far more people than anyone could have ever imagined. All we could ever ask for in this life is love and positivity, and you all allowed Alex’s love for life and unwavering positivity to reach an even broader community than it already has. In a vulnerable moment like this, your love and support is appreciated far more than I could ever express. Thank you for uniting a family with a love that runs so deep, it could stop time and lift our heavy hearts, and let our girl do what God intended for her to do… Leave a legacy at Mississippi State that will spark a new way to live life in everyone.

To the entire Mississippi State Family,

Everyone in that stadium who got to experience just a sliver of how special our Alex is, was meant to be there for a reason. I hope every single person in that stadium last night walks away with a light heart, filled with infectious positivity, and the knowledge that this is the greatest family to be a part of. Lastly, I hope you all remember the greatest piece of advice you could ever receive in this life.

“Keep fighting and keep pushing every single day. Whether it’s cancer or some kind of disease, don’t let anything slow you down and just have a great life that you plan to have. Don’t let anything stop you from that.” –Alex Wilcox


Thank you all and Hail State Forever,

Candace Denis



6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Mississippi State Football

  1. Enjoyed reading this… I didn’t know Alex, but it sounds like she was an amazing person who touched many lives. Nancy… you just trust God and keep on fighting!!! Never give up! God is bigger than every disease out there!

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